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Featured Artworks

A digital illustration of a man crouching on steps in Hong Kong, taking rice from a bowl that is on the ground; the mA black and white digital drawing imitating graphite of a young man with a tall swoop of hair on top, close cropped on the sides.An illustration of a pale woman with purple hair blowing backwards; she is wearing a tasselled top and blue cloak, and standing amongst stylized orange foliage.A black and white caricature of an black man with a big smile.A digital illustration part comic and part painterly in style of a man almost in profile.A digital illustration of a black woman who is in greyscale, with gold and blue-silver paint decorations on her face, against a busy geometric pink and blue background.An acrylic painting of two benches overlooking the North Saskatchewan river in a sunlight opening amongst copses of trees delineated by leaf strewn dirt paths.Illustration in loose brushwork of a man with a disgusted expression.A colourful digital illustration of a woman looking to the right of the viewer, wearing a green hat, houndstooth scarf, and green checked coat.A digital painting of a man with a large beard wearing a sea captain hat; he is looking to the viewer's left and is lit from the right.A painterly portrait illustration of a sneering man wearing an off-centre baseball hat and sunglasses.A rendered comic style illustration of a woman in profile looking at the viewer, wearing a velvet dress; she has blue skin and bright orange eyes.A digital painting of three snow-people looking amazedly at a golden glowing bird perching on the hand of the snow-person in the foreground; they are standing in a snowy flat among mountains in the distance and everything is lit with a purple blue hue.A digital drawing of a dog with bulky, square features with in black lines and shades of brown against a medium tone green background; the dog's head is pointed upward but the one visible eye is looking at the viewer.A digital sketch emulating graphite of several subjects; a statue of a cat, a fertility statue, a young girl's face, a bedouin man smoking a pipe and wearing a cloak, and a cloaked man holding a mask to his face sitting on the ground.A digital drawing of a dog with a long narrow snout and slim ears in greyscale using hatching against a bright salmon background; the dog is in profile and yawning.A realistic digital painting of a woman looking directly at the viewer with short platinum blonde hair pursing her lips which have a bright red lipstick on them.A realistic digital portrait in a painterly style depicting a young woman with short, bob-cut red hair, wearing a black dress with a Victorian style collar.A comic style digital illustration of a man standing next to the Tardis somewhere in the Scottish highlands; he is wearing a long brown trench coat, and Ooo Wille scarf, a union jack tie, and a tartan kilt.A digital illustration of two womenA digital painting of a lighthouse in Newfoundland lit from the left by a setting sun and against a dark, rolling green hills and a blue sky with low purple clouds.A digital illustration of the bust of a heavy set man with bushy hair at 3/4 to the right of the viewer; the style is imitating the application of black and white pencil crayons on a dark purple background.A digital painting of a bald, bearded man in profile with his eyes closed; he is painted in greyscale and is atop a brown background.A digital painting in muted blues of the bust of a man wearing a mouse suit and sporting a small mustache.A portrait of a bald man looking intensely at the viewer drawn with dry ink hatching, in black and white.A profile portrait of a small chihuahua-terrier mix dog with a black coat and white chest.A digital ink caricature of a man in the 1800s, coloured in washes of yellow and burgundy.A portrait of a shirtless man face-on where the lighting makes his skin appear purple.A portrait of a woman with dark hair pulled up sitting with a towel draped around her.A digital drawing imitating graphite of a gorilla's bust turning to the left towards the viewer.A digital illustration in comic book style of Santa Claus attacking a gingerbread city with gingerbread people panicking in the streets.A digital painting of the rapper Rakim wearing a red hooded sweater jacket and a red NY ball cap, holding a microphone to his mouth.A digital painting of rapper MF DOOM wearing a hooded black shirt and his iconic mask reflecting the environment; he is holding a microphone to his mouth.A digital painting of the rapper Gift of Gab; he is holding a microphone to his mouth in mid-rap, wearing a black polo shirt and black baseball cap, is lit by a warm yellow light from the right, and cool cyan light from the left.

Other Artworks

A digital sketch emulating graphite of three young women's faces, one of which has pale makeup coloured in.A digital sketch emulating blue coloured pencil on grey paper of a woman sitting on a chair, posing in a typical pinup style, with a big smile.A digital drawing emulating graphite of a wide-set cat leaning with its arm draped over an invisible object.A digital sketch of several human noses done as a study of anatomy.A loose digital sketch of a boxer's face looking at 3/4 to the viewer's left.A digital illustration of a woman in profile, kneeling on the ground, her back arched and her arms in the air; her clothing looks like a bathing suit that is magically wrapping around her, glowing in blue.A digital illustration of a human skull in profile saying "CROS", it is drawn using black comic book line work and rendered semi-realistically in bright green.A digital illustration of a buck-toothed vampire with mauve skin and bouffant purple hair, wearing a dark purple overcoat with gold buttons.A digital sketch of a boy in profile with his skin rendered with cool purples in the shadows and warm ochre in the light.A digital illustration in comic book style of a scarecrow-like corpse attached to a stick by barbed wire, wearing a burlap sack on its head; it has little hearts around it and a small message says "thinking of you".A digital illustration of dancer Bambi Naga in greyscale, against a background where various bright colours are emanating from her feet.A digital painting of Santa Claus riding a massive reindeer with a glowing red snout among a forest of birch trees at night while the moon glows above.A digital illustration in comic book style of a woman crouching and smelling a flat-coloured yellow rose; she has a white symbol painted overtop the centre of her face, has mauve skin, and is wearing a blue top and bottoms with bright pink shin-height boots.A digital illustration of a shirtless man in profile from the waist up wearing blood-stained cloth bandages covering his head; his arms are held out in a loose hadouken and his hands are covered in blood.A mostly greyscale caricature of actor Danny DeVito smiling.
Why are the signatures different?

There are two reasons:

  1. I don’t sign my name consistently; sometimes it is “PAUL”, for a while “COYLE”, and sometimes “PAUL C”
  2. I flirted with the idea of making a persona on Instagram named “YABO” through which I would share my art and possibly sell it; this never took off, mainly because I find social media nauseating.
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