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A digital illustration of a man crouching on steps in Hong Kong, taking rice from a bowl that is on the ground; the mA black and white digital drawing imitating graphite of a young man with a tall swoop of hair on top, close cropped on the sides.An illustration of a pale woman with purple hair blowing backwards; she is wearing a tasselled top and blue cloak, and standing amongst stylized orange foliage.A black and white caricature of an black man with a big smile.A digital illustration part comic and part painterly in style of a man almost in profile.A digital illustration of a black woman who is in greyscale, with gold and blue-silver paint decorations on her face, against a busy geometric pink and blue background.

There’s more where they came from; check out the other 44 pieces in my portfolio.


Most of my software related work can’t be shared publicly, but I try to put any small personal projects here when I have time.


I’m a software developer by trade, and I’ve always had a love of art and design. I started drawing at a young age and, while there have been periods where I’ve not drawn much, I always come back to it. This site is a place for me to share my art and other projects.